Beloit Call Wedding Anouncement

1. Spell words as you want everyone to see them in print.
2. Be consistent-ALL married women's names should be "Mary Smith, AnnJones," etc. or else, "Mrs. Tom Smith, Mrs. Jeff Jones," etc.
3. Relationship to Groom or groom (Assistants, attendants, etc.) may be included if you wish.
4. The Beloit Call does NOT print the following: Altar setting, church decorations, musical selections, jew- elry and who gave the bride away (unless a unique situation), double/single ring ceremony, descriptions of clothing for anyone except bridal attendants, who baked cake, menu for reception/dinner, couple’s PAST employment, etc.
5. The Beloit Call will print any of the following information:

Maid Matron

Select one or both: Host Hostess

We have only this form. If someone other than the bride or mother fills this out, the extra time you take to do it correctly and clearly will be appreciated. Make sure it is as the bride wants it.

Photos take time to submit. Please wait until you see the conformation page before pushing any other buttons.