RFL redirects efforts to Breast Friends Foundation

Dear Editor, 

The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life (RFL) event has been an important part of our community over the past several years for our loved ones who have fought cancer as well as a fundraiser for cancer research. Each year our group of volunteers strived in putting together a family friendly event focused on honoring those loved ones. However, fewer and fewer people engaged in the actual event each year while the workload increased for the volunteers. 

  With that said, the current Relay for Life for Mitchell, Osborne and Jewell County committee has decided to redirect its volunteer efforts into a more local organization you may be familiar with called Breast Friends Foundation of Osborne and Mitchell Counties, which is a foundation that supports those fighting all types of cancer.

Breast Friends Foundation (BFF) was founded in 2012 with the desire to help those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Although the original goal of the foundation was to assist and morally support those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, they soon realized the need to support those fighting all types of cancer which they now do today. Through its fundraising efforts, 100 percent of the money raised goes directly to assisting cancer fighters within our communities. The Foundation also gives newly diagnosed cancer patients money to use towards treatment and a care package. We encourage you to reach out to us if you know of a newly diagnosed cancer patient in Mitchell or Osborne counties, so we can support them through Breast Friends Foundation.

Be assured, this decision was not made lightly. Each one of us has been touched by cancer in some way, which is why we first volunteered for RFL. That is why we will continue our fight against cancer by directly supporting our local cancer fighters through the Breast Friends Foundation. We also hope to continue honoring our cancer fighters by bringing them all together for a community event. Please stay tuned as details come together during this transition period.

Our committee truly feels blessed in having the opportunity to lead a community event such as Relay for Life over the past six years, and we look forward to contributing our efforts going forward with another great local organization.

If you should know someone who is passionate in leading and continuing Relay for Life in our counties, we encourage that person(s) to contact Stephanie Weiter, Senior Manager, Community Dev. North Region ACS at mailto:stephanie.weiter@cancer.org . We would also be willing to help that person(s) organize a new committee.

As a member of our community, we truly appreciate the support you’ve given to our event. We hope you see the value of our committee redirecting its efforts in supporting our cancer fighters at a more local level. If you should have questions or would like to support Breast Friends Foundation, please don’t hesitate to visit http://www.breastfriendsfoundation.com/  to learn more or contact us or the founders Dee Winkel and Chelsi Remus.


Christie Fouts, Mallory Wittstruck, Beth Holling, Linda Riley, Bev Wiese, Terry Peterson, Jerica King, Ashley Dean


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