Marozas officiates 50 years, 40 volleyball


Ron Marozas, Beloit, is not only celebrating 50 years as a registered official this season but his 40th year as a volleyball official and recently celebrated his 50th year wedding anniversary with his wife Kathy.

The couple moved to Beloit during the 1981-82 school year, when Ron Marozas became the fourth principal at Beloit Elementary. He followed Gail Applegate who retired after being principal for 26 years. Marozas was principal for 18 years until retirement in 1999. 

The year they arrived in Beloit, Kathy took a job as the secretary to the Athletic Director at the high school. She held that position for 27 years.    

Marozas became a registered official with the Kansas High School Athletics Association (KSHSAA) in 1967-68 school year. After working as a basketball official for 27 years, he suffered a leg injury that prevented him from running up and down the court.

Marozas added volleyball in 1977 and will be working his 40th year as the teams took to the courts at the start of this school year.

"I really enjoyed officiating basketball a lot, but when it ended with a leg injury, I concentrated on volleyball and now really enjoy it just as much," said Marozas. "It has been fun at different times to run into my grandkids at events and to officiate some of their games as well."

Marozas says he just has to block out (no pun intended) the grandkids on the court and officiate the way he knows how. 

"I remember one year I had to officiate a Beloit vs. Minneapolis game. I was from Beloit and the other referee was from Minneapolis. The principal from Minneapolis came up to us afterwards and told us that it was the best officiated game he had ever seen."

"I also remember officiating a scrimmage at Beloit and I called a foot fault penalty on my granddaughter. Her mom, Chris, told me she didn't know how I could call a foot call on her, when it was my genetics that caused her to have a big foot," laughed Ron. 

Marozas takes his officiating seriously wherever he is on the court.  

"Working in the up or the down officiating position doesn't matter," said Marozas. "When you have a good partner, you learn what each official is looking for and we each just do the job we are assigned. Down officials main responsibility is the area around the net. The up official follows the ball. We alternate our matches that we basically work, up and then down."

Some things have changed during the number of years Marozas has been officiating. 

"When I first started officiating, we did not have rally scoring where a point is scored for someone every time the ball hits the floor," Marozas said. "The only way you scored was if you were serving and the receiving team did not return the ball. At the time, matches went to 15 points. I definitely prefer the rally scoring and going to 25 points for a win of each set." 

 Ron and Kathy have two married boys, Kevin and his wife Dr. Chris Marozas who live in Beloit with their three children, Olivia who started medical school in Kirkville, Mo. this year, Noah, a sophomore at Kansas University and Grace, a senior at BHS. Son Kurtis and his wife Heidi live in Olathe and have three children. Mason is a junior at KU, Hagan a freshman at the University of Colorado as a university volleyball team member. A. J. is the youngest of the grandchildren and is an eighth grader in the Olathe Public Schools.

"I have purposely tried to get some games off so I can enjoy watching the grandkids as well this year," said Ron. "All my granddaughters have played volleyball and have had some pretty good success. I plan on attending the Wamego games to watch Beloit and we are planning on a trip to watch at the University of Colorado games as well."

Granddaughter Hagan Marozas played for St. Thomas Aquinas last year where they placed second in state. Seven of the seniors received volleyball scholarships as well. 

"I have already signed up to continue to officiate volleyball next year," said Ron. "But I might cut down to just varsity games as well."  



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