Horse breaks through God based program


Paul Daily, presented a horse training program recently at the Mitchell County Fairgrounds through a God based philosophy on Trust, Faith, Obedience and Love. 

The crowd attending watched as a two year old pasture filly, with not much human experience was broke into a saddle.

Brother and sister, Nathan and Rachel Shipmen of Lebannon sponsored the program in Beloit because they had seen Daily, also known as the "Horse Whisperer", break horses with his method in Alba, Neb., and thought it was amazing. 

Daily has never had contact with the horses he trains in less than two hours, until it enters the arena. This  particular horse was brought to Beloit by John Keever of Center Trail Ranch in Smith Center. 

"We travel around and do this to teach in horse training and also to present God into others lives," said Daily. "I am not a preacher, just a happy customer and this horse will tell us what we are all about. We don't have to travel around and do this. We do this by invitation only. God turned my life around, and this is why I am here. I am just a gray haired country bumpkin. I just hope I can help others to just open their hearts and their minds."

As the untrained horse entered the arena for the first time with a halter, it began following Daily and nudging at him, but in a relaxed way.

"When we are born, we entered Gods green earth," said Daily, as he worked on receiving the horses trust. "What this colt learns here today, she will carry through on her life. Just as we train our children. We do the best we can the first time around, because sometimes we don't get a second chance. I'm glad I got a second chance. As I was offered, I want to offer this colt something better than what she has."

Daily drew the horse to him, gaining its trust. He threw dirt clods at her so she could experience those bumps in the road as we as individuals experience on a daily basis. He then presented her with a lead rope to let her feel the connection even more, gaining her trust to be more manageable with mankind. 

Daily introduced his son-in-law, Alex Schopp, into the arena to start 'roping' the colt, to be able to to touch her everywhere.

"We all experience pressure in our lives," said Schopp. "Just like this colt, we all need to learn how to carry the rope and to balance ourselves. God will allow you freedom and allow you to roam. We will reward the right efforts this colt gives, just like God rewards us for our good behaviors."

After roping the horse through several steps of touching all areas of her body, she was introduced to the saddle pad, first through smelling other horse scents on the pad and then through it being placed on her back. 

"Like carrying the cross, we have to give up some freedoms to carry the weight," Schopp said, as the saddle was placed on her back. I will now turn her loose and it is up to her on what she does with it."

Schopp said horses buck for three reasons. Because they are mad, hurt or scared. The colt wasn't too fond of the saddle and bucked and kicked ("Hoppin' tator rows", as Schopp called it), as she finally gave in to the idea and he took her lead. 

"If you give God the guiding line to your life, he will take you wherever you need to go," said Schopp. "There are times for adjustments in life, now and not later. We are not promised tomorrow so we better do what we are going to do before it's to late."

After several rounds around the arena from Schopp, with a lose saddle to a tight niched saddle, the horse was allowed to be ridden by another, to gain more trust. 

Amazing enough, the colt surrendered all, at the end by letting herself be laid on her side. 

"She has surrendered all," said Schopp. "Like surrendering to God, she did what she was asked to do. She trust me and she has given it her all. She made the final surrender. Wouldn't you like it if there were no fences in front of you, nothing holding you back?"

"We all get to the point where nothing is holding us back," Schopp said. "God has a plan for us that is out of this world, if we can let our barriers and walls down and except the gift of grace."

Mark McRenolds of Calvary Baptist Church in Beloit, ended the program with a circle of prayer inside the arena.   



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