Healthy pets a must


Beloit Parks and Recreation was host to a "Healthy Pets" program on Tuesday evening at the Municipal Building. Solomon Valley Veterinary Clinic DVM Brady Luke was introduced by BPR Director Lynn Miller  as he presented information on helping keep pets healthy.

"Taking responsibility of your pets and their welfare is not a job," said Luke. "It is a privilege."

With those words said, Luke provided numerous facts and recommendations to the crowd on taking care of pets and provided answers to questions asked throughout the program. 

Luke covered topics including proper kennel design and maintenance recommending a concrete base with nice bedding and good clean bowls that provide food and water to your animals. 

Making sure harmful items are out of reach for animals was discussed and ways of providing immediate attention if they ingested such items was given. 

Pet food health was a topic as well as obesity which increases risk of cancers of all types, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.  

"We deal with a lot of obesity issues in animals," said Luke. "The long term effect can decrease pets quality of life."   

Vaccination upkeep was stressed by Luke saying rabies was still a number one killer of animals.

Keeping up with vaccination not only provides protection to animals but also to the owners liability

"If an owners pet ever bites another person (especially a child) and documentation is provided on updated rabies vaccinations, it is a lot easier and cheaper on you, the animal and the victim," said Luke. 

Parvo was reported as being prevalent in the Glasco, Mankato and Lincoln areas as another main concern on vaccinations and medical checkups for pets, as it is very contagious. Heart worm testing is also highly recommended,  as positive testing has also been reported in the area.

"Worming properly can also knock out a lot of other worms as well," Luke said.  

Flea and tick treatments were discussed for pets. Diseases and home infestations brought about from these issues can cause several health problems. Product suggestions were provided as what were the best problem solving treatments. 

Teeth health was stressed as dental costs are high and if it can be prevented, that is best. Skin allergies are also issues that can promote other health issues such as ear infections which are 80 percent allergy  causes. 

Spay and Neutering was stressed and was recommended at six months of age for most animals. Old Age hip problems were discussed with fish oil dosages being used to build up their systems for inflammation prevention. 

Dr. Luke provided an informational public service to the City of Beloit through this program. For more information he can be reached at 785-738-5545. 

Door prizes were given to those attending through doggie treats, scoops and a $20 Solomon Valley Veterinary Clinic gift certificate.



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